When you try to explain the growth of a business to people they don’t always get it!


Growth V’s Money 🙄 the growth brings the money consistently!!!! But growth takes time, action & patients. ✅


If you grow your business consistently over a year this time next year you could experience your best month ever!!! Then instead of starting each month at zero and panicking you could be starting from a place where a percentage of your income is secured by recurring monthly income (my target was 25% for August 2021, I hit 30% in July 2021)


In August last year when I returned from holidays I gave my notice to my digital marketing job with a clear vision of where I wanted to be (In the middle of a pandemic!!!).


This time next year you could double the % of your income


This time next year you could double the % of your income secured by recurring monthly income, he year after triple and so on.


Yes you could aim for higher by this time next year but if I’ve learned anything over the past 4 years it is that retention, no matter how good your membership is, is hard work. It comes with highs and lows, aha moments, eureka moments and absolute belly flop moments. It’s a huge learning curve. Full of mistakes, genius and Meh!

Memberships are great and I absolutely believe that this is the only way to serve an unlimited amount of clients at the same time in different times zones. It’s working smart rather than working hard. You do still have to work hard but it’s so worth it. It’s easy to get frustrated by comparing yourself to others who have huge memberships and think “I’m never going to have a membership that big!” Or cod yourself into thinking you will be an over night success and get 100 subscription members with 1 Social Media post. But let’s remind ourselves of something. We’re only hearing about the high achievers/successes after they’ve achieved it. We’re not hearing about the struggle they encountered on their journey and how they didn’t give up. It’s easy to slip into false ideas that are sold to us through marketing on achieving over night success!!! It’s an illusion that we want to believe isn’t reachable for us. That way is not our fault if we don’t succeed.


Jay Shetty did presentations to empty lecture theaters for years but we didn’t hear about him until he had made it. He never gave up. He turned up week after week to empty spaces until people came. And eventually they came!!! Consistency is key if you want to achieve growth.


So why am I writing about all of this, and if you’re still reading this thank you! Other people’s perceptions about your business may plant a seed of self doubt and disappointment in you because you can’t help but take that shit personal. So take my advice right here right now!! Sit down and look at the growth of your business versus the money. Ask yourself what am I doing everyday to grow my business? If you can’t answer this then that’s where you’re going wrong.


If you don’t water a plant it won’t grow!!!


If you don’t water a plant it won’t grow!!! Your business is the exact same. This is something I can help you with because I do it every single day!!! Growth is one of the key activities you need to do each day to keep your business alive. The money follows. We get confused and measure growth with money when in actual fact it’s the other way around.


It’s been a phenomenal year for me in my business. It has been filled with so many wonderful opportunities that brought the most wonderful people into my business and I have the pleasure of working with them every day.


My confidence as an Entrepreneur has flourished as has my confidence as a practitioner and coach. I didn’t achieve that on my own. I am surrounded by like minded encouraging & empowering souls who want me to succeed. If you don’t know how to do something, learn from someone who does! Action breaths confidence!!



I’m extremely proud of myself and my business. It’s me myself and I and we’re doing a bloody fantastic job. I’m a website designer, a graphic designer, a content creator, a lighting designer, a sound designer, a sound technician, a practitioner, a coach, a mentor, an educator, a techie, a digital marketer, a CEO, an accountant, a financial controller, a decision maker, a project manager, a social media manager, a video editor, a copy writer, a blogger, a vlogger, a program developer, an entrepreneur to mention but a few!!!!



So when someone tries to plant the seed of doubt I don’t doubt myself one bit and neither should you!! I’ve built a business with solid foundations at a pace that facilitates the enormity of all the jobs I need to do to achieve this. If anyone else thinks otherwise then they can jog on!!🤘


Want to learn how to do this in your business? Click here to Book a chat with me and let’s get cracking!! 😘

And don’t ever let anyone measure your success for you. You are the only person who can stop you!! Remember that! 💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Yvonne 💞