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Starting out in Business can be really tough and as a business owner there is a lot to get your head around. “How do I set up an appointments system so clients can book in? How do I get paid? How do I keep generating new clients? How do I nurture my existing clients? How do I do the tech?? How do I keep track of it all!!!!!” The list is huge and completely overwhelming. It’s also expensive. I’ve spent years learning how to do all these things and the amount of money I’ve invested in my business is huge. There were times when I honestly couldn’t afford the investment so I felt stuck and wanted to give up. In an ideal world I would have hired someone to do it all for me, but I couldn’t afford that so I pushed on.


Now that I’m out the other side of that I’m glad I didn’t hire someone else because nobody else will ever be as passionate about your business as you will. And now, thankfully, I have a massive skillset to add to my toolkit. This is why I have created Pump Up My Business Academy – a really affordable monthly membership where you can come and learn all the skills you need to get your Business moving and start to earn income whenever you’re ready. There is no “tie in” with this membership, which means, you can leave or stay for as long as you like. It will consist of weekly Masterclasses & Co-working sessions if you subscribe to the Silver Membership. If you want a little more support then you can subscribe to the Gold Membership which has an add on of a 1:1 Clarity Coaching Session with me each month. Upgrade to Gold Membership here: Gold Membership


Silver Membership – Pump Up My Business Academy €22.00 per month.


Weekly Masterclasses will cover a different topic each week such as:

*Appointments Calendar – How to get booked up easily

*Discovery Call/Chemistry Session – The why, the how & the structure that converts

*Project Management Tools – Organise yourself & your business

*Landing pages – Generate new leads consistently

*Lead magnets – Build the know, like & trust factor with free value

*Email Automation – Take away overwhelm & save time

*Email marketing Newsletters – Nurture & give value to your subscribers consistently

*Create a free website page – Have full control over your business while saving time, money & effort

*Effective diary management – Get stuff done!

*Customer Journey Map – Make it easy for your clients to purchase from you.

*How to get paid with payment links – Eliminate awkward conversations with effective CTA’s

*How to go Live on SM – Engage with your Audience

*Pre-recorded Material – When you can’t show up but your business still needs you.

*Nurture Sequence- Nurture cold leads to hot sales.

*Preparing to Present – How to prepare for working with Groups

*Online Community – Create & nurture your very own Free Online Community

*Testimonials & Feedback – Easy approach to collecting client testimonials & feedback

*Podcast – How to create, launch, record & grow your very own podcast channel

*Upsell – How to upsell authentically & in a non salesy way


Weekly Co-working Sessions:

*Implement new learnings from Masterclasses into your business so you’re always moving forward & growing

*Focused time to “Work ON” your Business while also “Working IN” your Business

*Community of “Like Minded” Business Owner’s working together & supporting each other


Monthly 1:1 Clarity Coaching Session Gold Members Only:

*Clarity Coaching

*Goal setting

*Brain Storming

*Confidence Coaching

*Mindset Coaching


Gold Membership includes all of the above PLUS an add on of a 1:1 Clarity Coaching Session with me each month. Places on Gold are limited to 10Select  Gold Membership option below:



Silver Membership


Gold Membership


Client Testimonials

If you don’t know anything about Tech I’d recommend Yvonne highly. However Tech turned out to be a symptom of why I didn’t want to consider online business. It is here that Yvonne excels- not only will she kindly bring to your attention your fears or worries about showing up on the World Wide Web she will also point out your strengths. You will discover something new about yourself and why you started your business through her encouraging approach with attention to you and your passion. You’ll be only too happy to get yourself out there. I wish Yvonne every success and recommend you open up your world to Yvonne’s approach to expansion and growth for your Business.

Eva Figeon

Holistic Therapist

Yvonne is such a fantastic mentor!! So kind, caring, the most down to earth, funny, trustworthy person I have met, who only wants the very best for you!! She see’s the potential in everyone and strives to push you forward to reach your goals and believe in yourself. The personal development that you go through is second to none!!

Sharron Dempsey

Holistic Therapist

An amazing woman! I have no words! She truly is the motivation every person confused or unsure of their direction/next step needs! When you’re in need of direction for your Business Yvonne is the woman to call 

Vanessa Burns

Physical Therapist

I would highly recommend this… I would have been lost without Yvonne’s teaching and guidance. Eternally grateful Yvonne for all the hard work you put in.

Maureen Gildea

Holistic Therapist

I would highly recommend Yvonne Seymour to help you take the next step in whatever line of business you are in. Yvonne is so friendly and easy to talk too. The one to one sessions I had with her was priceless and gave me such motivation to take the next step. She is always at the end of the phone to help and advise you. Great banter too (which is very important). Very informative with invaluable insights of running your business.

Carmel Smith

Managing Director, M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd




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