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30 days to your Magical Membership!

Growing a Business can be a daunting task and sometimes just the mear thought of setting goals can make you feel nauseous. Especially if you are flat to the mat working with 1:1 clients! How are you supposed to find time to expand your business? You only have so many hours in the day, right? Well maybe I have a solution that can help you work with more clients but using less of your time!

I know what you’re thinking……more clients, less time!!! How is that even possible???? Let me introduce you to my 30 Day Magical Memberships 1:1 Mentoring Package.

I created my 1st membership back in 2018 and it was a great success but as an EFT Practitioner I wasn’t 100% happy with it. I didn’t want to be just another person who delivered Facebook lives in a Facebook group. This type of membership just doesn’t float my boat. I wanted to engage more with my members and create a membership where they went on a journey of self discovery and empowerment. So, I went back to the drawing board and closed my first membership after just 6 months. Brave or stupid?????

Maybe both, but it just wasn’t right for me and that was going to affect the energy I brought into the group so I’m going to say brave for now. It’s not easy to admit something isn’t working or isn’t right, however, when you finally make that decision it’s very empowering. You’re gut will never lead you astray on these things, it’s the “giving yourself permission to trust it” can be the real challenge.

Anyway, fast forward two years to March 2020. The whole world is brought to a stand still by a pandemic and suddenly we can no longer work with our in-person clients indefinitely! Except for me and any other Online Practitioner.

Thankfully my Magical Membership was blossoming and growing despite this complete shut down. And this was the moment that my Online Business became one of the most important things in my life. It kept my income reliable and consistent. So much so that I didn’t need financial support from powers that be, I was confidently and consistently able to support myself and my family. My Magical Membership, which was full of wonderful clients, meant I could continue to work with these clients as a group and support them through one of the scariest and surreal times of our lives. EFT became such an important coping mechanism and self care tool to so many people literally overnight.

Twelve months later and my Magical Membership has gone from strength to strength and allows me to work with an unlimited amount of clients each month. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my Business because it’s thriving! As an EFT Practitioner it has removed any self doubt about achieving a successful business. My Business model is supportive, smart, slick and successful.


So, if you want to……,


* Reduce the overwhelm of finding new clients each month?
* Never again find yourself in a situation where your income is cut off over night?
* Have a diverse Practice where your energy thrives and empowers you and your clients?
* Be the creator of a Community where your Client’s feel supported and connected?


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What to expect during our 30 Days together:


1. 4 x 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Call during your 30 day period (1 Scheduled Coaching Call each week via Zoom).
2. A simple Template Structure to help you plan & layout your content for 3, 6 or 12 months.
3. Vision realization and mapping out your goals for your Membership.
4. Stress free action steps after each session that will empower you.
5. Magnetic Marketing strategies that ensure you attract your ideal members.
6. Daily support and check in to see how you are progressing and help if you are stuck.
7. Simple, stress free solutions to Tech overwhelm or issues. 


I can’t wait to hold your hand on this journey! Imagine how many more people you can help with your own Magical Membership!!!




What I will help you achieve in 30 Days:


* Experience a consistent reliable recurring income each month.
* Expand the number of clients you work with each month using less of your time.
* Magnetic Marketing that attracts your ideal client easily and consistently.
* A clear mindset and vision to ensure your Business Growth
* A smart Business model that works to support you.
* A work life balance so you can do the things you enjoy outside of your Business.
* Confidence. Clarity. Focus. Self-belief. Consistency and Success.


Scared stiff at the prospect of achieving this???
That just means you’re human like the rest of us!!! Let’s book you in for a quick 15 minute chat and get rid of that fear of success once and for all.


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Client Testimonials

If you don’t know anything about Tech I’d recommend Yvonne highly. However Tech turned out to be a symptom of why I didn’t want to consider online business. It is here that Yvonne excels- not only will she kindly bring to your attention your fears or worries about showing up on the World Wide Web she will also point out your strengths. You will discover something new about yourself and why you started your business through her encouraging approach with attention to you and your passion. You’ll be only too happy to get yourself out there. I wish Yvonne every success and recommend you open up your world to Yvonne’s approach to expansion and growth for your Business.

Eva Figeon

Holistic Therapist

Yvonne is such a fantastic mentor!! So kind, caring, the most down to earth, funny, trustworthy person I have met, who only wants the very best for you!! She see’s the potential in everyone and strives to push you forward to reach your goals and believe in yourself. The personal development that you go through is second to none!!

Sharron Dempsey

Holistic Therapist

An amazing woman! I have no words! She truly is the motivation every person confused or unsure of their direction/next step needs! When you’re in need of direction for your Business Yvonne is the woman to call 

Vanessa Burns

Physical Therapist

I would highly recommend this… I would have been lost without Yvonne’s teaching and guidance. Eternally grateful Yvonne for all the hard work you put in.

Maureen Gildea

Holistic Therapist

I would highly recommend Yvonne Seymour to help you take the next step in whatever line of business you are in. Yvonne is so friendly and easy to talk too. The one to one sessions I had with her was priceless and gave me such motivation to take the next step. She is always at the end of the phone to help and advise you. Great banter too (which is very important). Very informative with invaluable insights of running your business.

Carmel Smith

Managing Director, M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd



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