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Do you have a vision for your Business but need some 1-2-1 support to help you tease this vision into a set of actionable and achievable steps? Sometimes it is easier to bounce ideas for your business off someone else so you can get an objective perspective on how to make this idea a reality for your business.

Setting your Business Goals can be a daunting task and sometimes just the mear thought of setting goals can make you feel nauseous. I know exactly how you feel because this was how I used to feel. I would purposely put off setting any Business Goals to prevent the disappointment of not achieving that goal before I had even tried.  I quickly realized that by not setting any goals at all I was effectively preventing my business from achieving any growth what so ever and eventually my business would become a big fat flop!!!

This realization along with the idea of having to return to the world of employment and work for someone else quickly kicked my backside into gear and that’s why I have created this 4 Session 1:1 Coaching Plan for you.


These 1:1 Sessions are designed to boost the development of your business with my full support along the way.


In these 1:1 Coaching Sessions, we will look at your long-term vision for your business and map out your business goals to compliment this vision.  We will set out realistic time frames to achieve these goals which you feel are achievable and will prevent the feeling of getting overwhelmed.  I will be by your side to help you achieve this and to help you tease out any issues or blocks you encounter along the way.


What’s Included:

  • 4 x 60-90 Minute 1:1 Scheduled Calls over a 4 week period (1 Scheduled Call each week)
  • Identify your vision and map out your goals
  • An Action plan after each session
  • Accountability check in each week to see how you are progressing
  • Email, WhatsApp or Messenger Support during these 4 weeks to ensure you feel fully supported


What you can achieve:

  • New Skills to help you achieve growth in your Business.
  • Confidence to make the next move for your business
  • Self-belief to build your Vision for your business
  • Focus and Consistency in your business


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I would highly recommend Yvonne Seymour Training to help you take the next step in whatever line of business you are in. Yvonne is so friendly and easy to talk too. The one to one sessions I had with her was priceless and gave me such motivation to take the next step. She is always at the end of the phone to help and advise you. Great banter too (which is very important). Very informative with invaluable insights of running your business.

Carmel Smith

Managing Director, M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd

An amazing woman! I have no words! She truly is the motivation every person confused or unsure of their direction/next step needs! When you’re in need of direction for your Business Yvonne is the woman to call 

Vanessa Burns

Physical Therapist

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