Even though this week was a short week for me I am still going look back over it and do a quick review so I can figure out some key things.This is one of the most important tools you can use in your business.

Why? Because by doing a weekly review you can identify what worked well this week or what didn’t work well which is equally important.

Here are some examples of the things I review:

How am I spending my time…..

I fit a lot into each week between working with my clients, working in my business and working on my business so it’s really important that I use my time effectively to fit everything in. By reviewing how I spend my time each week it allows me to identify time that was well spent and acknowledge the wins I achieved because of this or time not spent well which is just as important. I can also see time I might have wasted or maybe I allocated too much time to something and I can change this for the week ahead.

Social Media Content:

We all know the power of Social Media, particularly if you are in Business but the work that goes into being present is huge between each platform. As a result it is very important to spend some time each week thinking about the content you are going to create and why? Ask yourself what do I want to achieve with this content? Then review how that content was received by your followers so that you know what your followers like and will engage with in your future posts. You don’t want them falling asleep!!!

Website Content:

Weather you manage your own website, like I do, or not it is really important to keep your content up to date and fresh. There is nothing worse then landing on a website and feeling like there’s nobody home. If a future client takes the time to visit your website then give them plenty of reasons to stay and look around. Let them see you are an expert in your field. Think about where you want them to go on your website and guide them there. Think about your customer’s journey, was it easy to access you or difficult? Put yourself in their shoes.

Financial Review:

How are your finances? Did you survive the week, have a royal flush of a week or will it be bread and water for the week???? It is really important to know how your business is performing financially so you can set yourself goals of where you need to get to for next week. Building a business takes time so don’t be hard on yourself if you are just keeping your head above water. Consistency, determination and motivation will pay off but it is important to know what motivates you in your business. We are not all motivated by the same things but knowing what motivates you will make a massive difference on how you approach your business. Some people are motivated by money, some by job satisfaction, some love hitting targets, others love being creative. Whatever it is that motivates you let that be the fuel that starts you off each day. Now just watch how your business grows!!

Self Care:

What about me? How am I doing this week? This is something we forget to ask ourselves but is a key element in running a business. We wear a lot of hats each day so maybe it’s time to switch off and take a rest. By doing a weekly review you get an opportunity to check in with your business and take care of the things that need to be done, now you need to do the same for you. Take time to do something that distracts you from thinking about your business. Go and have some fun. When you have your own business it is very difficult to switch off and some people can feel guilty for doing this. Trust me you are far more beneficial to your business if you rest and take time to do other things you enjoy. You will come back tomorrow or the next day refreshed and full of enthusiasm. The last thing you want is burn out!! It really isn’t worth it.

And these are a few of the things I Review each week to keep me on track. I really enjoy this because it helps me to see how much I get done in a week and gives me a great sense of satisfaction which is my motivator.

If a weekly review is something you don’t do and you would like me to help you then just CLICK HERE>> for more info.

It is so beneficial to your business and you’ll be so glad you introduced it.

Yvonne xx