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When you push your emotions away, because you might not be ready to deal with them, you can cause yourself unknown emotional and physical pain. Emotions will eventually find a way out though, and this can often be in the form of physical pain.


For years I suffered from severe pain across my shoulder blades. I had to have regular massage therapy because the relief was only ever temporary, despite numerous visits to my GP, prescribed painkillers plus the recommendation of exercise and rest.


I later realised that the pain was a physical symptom of the emotional pain I was in at that time. Emotionally I was a wreck, and everything in my life was a wreck too.  I eventually gave in because I had to, I couldn’t keep going, I was physically and mentally exhausted from the emotional weight of my situation.  Finally, I decided to get the help I needed to face my “Ship Wreck” and deep dive into my “stuff”.  I didn’t know it at the time but this was my first breakthrough and the start of a very new, and at times daunting, chapter in MY Story!

I was walking on a treadmill, in the gym, all alone and sobbing my heart out. I remember thinking to myself “what is wrong with me? I wish I could talk to someone who could help me figure this stuff out” because everyone I had spoken to, with the best will in the world, had their own opinion or agenda without being completely conscious of it.


I’m not condemning them for that, I was surrounded by people who cared about me but they hadn’t been through what I had been through and couldn’t understand how I felt. You can be in a room surrounded by people but feel completely alone.

And just as I had those thoughts something caught my eye in front of me.  It was a poster with a speech bubble – “ever feel like you’re just going through the motions?” I couldn’t believe my eyes. As if my fairy godmother had waved her magic wand and granted me my wish. The person behind the speech bubble became the person that would help me clear the decks, a Life Coach.


I didn’t really know what a Life Coach was, but at that stage I had nothing to lose, I was at rock bottom, there was nowhere left to go from here but up! I never looked back, yes I had hard days after, but instead of every day being hard, the work I did on myself helped me reduce it to one hard day, six good days and eventually reduced it again to one hard day every now and then, to lots of good days that in time became great days. It was a long road, it was no picnic but it was so worth it.


You don’t have to do these things alone even if at the time it feels like you do.


I didn’t know how to make things better then, so looking back now it was the obvious thing to do, but my lost soul didn’t realise it was okay to ask someone I didn’t know for help. A complete stranger. No judgment. No hidden agenda. A Stranger whose sole purpose in life is to help people, that’s why they call themselves a Coach.

So now I’m going to ask you some questions…

 If you can relate to any or all of these then please know that I hear you….., I see you…., I’ve been you….., I am you……, I can help you.

  • Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re just people-pleasing and you don’t quite fit into your current circle anymore?
  • Do you find yourself seeking out your own time and space but at the same time can’t bear the thought of being alone right now?

I hear you…..

  • Do you ever wake up from a night’s sleep and feel absolutely exhausted, so much so that you just don’t want to face the world, so you roll over and wrap yourself in the duvet?
  • Do you find yourself getting irritated by the most ridiculous things or situations but don’t have any idea why this is?
  • Do you ever burst into tears for no apparent reason and with no obvious trigger?

I see you…..

  • Have you found you’ve lost your motivation to do the things you used to love because they no longer seem to “float your boat”?
  • Have you found yourself searching for answers to questions you had no idea needed answering?

I’ve been you…..

  • Have you found your Confidence is not what it used to be and you’re not entirely sure why?
  • Have you found you attract the wrong type of people or situations again and again and can’t figure out why?
  • Have you ever found yourself shutting down because your energy is completely drained and you just can’t deal with another conversation right now?

I am you…..

Discover what the 12 Pillars of Emotional Freedom are and how applying them to your life will release you from emotions that are keeping you stuck!

I can help you…..

These 12 Pillars will help you gain a better insight into what’s going on for you right now. I will help you deep dive and breakdown each Pillar of Emotional to help you move forward so you can begin to write the next chapter of Your Story.

12 Pillars of Emotional Freedom will Ignite Your Inner Soul

  1. Awareness & Presence – To seek vibrancy, to look for the yes, to discover the wonder, you need to be present in the moment so you can experience it. 
  2. Clearing & Cleansing – We create new pieces of ourselves to please others.  We hide away pieces because we feel we don’t fit in. Healing is the process where we reclaim all the parts of ourselves that we hide and let all that is not truly a part of us fall away. 
  3. Grounding & Healing – When we feel held by Mother Earth we can relax and unfold and discover the beauty of what it is that we are truly made of.
  4. Compassion & Self-Care – Self-care does not mean pampering. It could mean screaming at the wind or punching a pillow if that is what’s called for. Compassion means a gentle awareness and a loving presence. Neither of these things is ever selfish. 
  5. Love & Happiness – What does Love & Happiness look like to you? Is it waking up to a bunch of flowers at your doorstep? Or is it simply allowing yourself to be you? 
  6. Awakening – Awakening occurs when you release the lies you were telling yourself and shed the layers of doubt and fear and know, really know, that love exists and you are worthy of it. 
  7. Expansion & Growth – Trying to fit in can be painful, but when you expand and grow, you can hold the whole world in your heart.
  8. Balance & Stability – We are always in flow, we are always in motion. The key is to find equilibrium, the still point, so you always feel the ground beneath your feet. 
  9. Fun & Laughter – When you celebrate life, you shine at your brightest. Making time for fun and laughter is more important for your health than you may think. 
  10. Authenticity & Truth – Being truthful inside and out is not an easy path, yet we have all been carrying the burden of lies for too long. It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. 
  11. Trust & Faith – When we let go of our need to control the situation, we move into flow with the Universe and open the door for wonderful things to come into our lives. 
  12. Inspiration & Creativity – It has not been an easy journey, but it has been a courageous one. Here you stand, more whole than you have ever been, true to yourself – heart expanded and wings outstretched. You have the pure potential to do anything you want and live a wholehearted life. 

Emotional Freedom Technique is massively beneficial and has helped me greatly in my life. I am extremely passionate about it. I created the 12 Pillars of Emotional Freedom so I could share my toolkit with you. I want to help people like you and me to heal and move forward, to become our authentic selves. I want to help you find your way back to you. I did it. I can help you do it too.


Lives session will focus on Personal Development & will be a mixture of Discussion around the stuff that’s coming up for you. We will be releasing blocks with a mixture of Deep Dive EFT, Meditation, Grounding, Healing and lots more. It will be enlightening, inspiring and empowering. If you can’t make the sessions live the replays will be available to watch whenever it suits you in our Ignite Your Inner Soul Membership area.

I can’t wait to welcome you in to this beautiful circle of powerful and inspiring women.

Yvonne x

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