Tapping for Weight Loss Issues with EFT



If you have experienced issues around weight loss such as:


⚡️I’ve tried every diet, I just can’t lose weight
⚡️I’m always on a diet but the scales doesn’t reflect my effort
⚡️I hate diets because I feel deprived
⚡️I comfort eat to feel better but I feel worse
⚡️I binge on Chocolate because I’m lonely
⚡️I eat to please others
⚡️I eat in secret and then I feel horrible
⚡️I can’t live without Chocolate or Crisps etc
⚡️I see others eating treats so I eat them too
⚡️I’m afraid I’ll regain all the weight again
⚡️I’m obsessed with my weigh loss & can’t enjoy my success
⚡️I self sabotage and go back to my old habits
⚡️I’m obsessed with the weighing scales
⚡️I’m tired of losing the same weight over & over again
⚡️I want to lose weight but it’s too hard
⚡️I’m gone too far, it feels impossible to start again.
⚡️I don’t know where to begin
⚡️I have no support
⚡️If I go on a diet I’ll have to cook different meals for the rest of my family
⚡️I’m fed up of diets

This will be a phenomenal new chapter if you’re open to it. You will be surrounded by the most wonderful people who are on the same journey as you and know exactly how you feel. It will be a place of support when you need it. We all need support no matter where we are on our journey.


The Topics we will look at are:



 Emotional Eating

Trigger Foods

 The Hidden Benefits

 Understanding Cravings

 Self “Care” instead of “Sabotage”

Accepting the Body I’m in!

Menopause and all belong to it!




This is deep dive work and is not for everyone. If you have mindset issues around losing weight that you know are keeping you stuck and you are ready to work on releasing them then this group is for you. It is NOT a quick fix.


Monthly Subscription includes:


🔥Live Zoom Sessions on the 2nd & 4th Week of every month.

🔥If you cant make it live you’ll have access to the replays in our Private Member’s Group.

🔥Weekly guidance threads to support you.

🔥 Additional resources to help you when you’re struggling including Morning Meditation Circle & the 12 Pillars of Emotional Freedom.


I have been this soldier and am still learning from my own journey so I know exactly how you feel. You don’t have to stay in this repeating exhausting pattern!!! EFT will help you to be kinder to yourself and release you from these horrible repeating patterns that will help create lasting change.

Pay As You Go option is €20.00 per session, drop in when ever you like or if you’d like the extra support of a group environment choose the monthly Subscription option which is €33.00 per month (Dis. €7.00 p/m)

Nothing changes if nothing changes! If you’re ready to approach this issue with a different solution then click the button to sign up and let’s get started.



Don’t worry if you can’t make it Live, the replay will be available immediately afterwards in the Private Member’s Area. I’m soooooo excited about this group. Let’s Sky Rocket your year with Emotional Freedom Technique.


Tapping into weight loss with Yvonne Seymour. Like so many other Januarys, I started this year determined to get healthier and to lose weight. I saw that Yvonne was starting a 6 week program called Tapping into Weight Loss with EFT and decided to give it a go. What a wise decision that was! Absolute Divine Timing! Yvonne is a very inspirational and motivating leader. The best part for me was that she also held a similar goal to the rest of us so I felt I could resonate with her and that we were all going on this journey to better health together. Normally I’d start off all gung-ho but go back to old ways after 3-4 weeks because I’d feel deprived, disillusioned or that it was just too hard to be sustainable. This is where I felt Yvonne’s course was so supportive. Yvonne taught us how to tap when we felt cravings for comfort foods and also to go deeper to find out why that craving was there and what was an emotional need behind that craving. This EFT tool has really helped me to avoid falling into the trap of mindlessly eating comfort foods and then feeling huge guilt afterwards. Yvonne encouraged us to post in our wins to raise morale and uplift every group member. I found this really helpful. The sight of others taking photos and videos of themselves heading out for a walk (even in the snow) made me stop making excuses to myself and to just put on my runners, hat and coat and just get outside. Within 5 minutes I’d be delighted with myself for taking action towards my goal of a healthier me and I’d come home can hour later refreshed and uplifted. Here I am 2 months later, still feeling positive, upbeat and actively making daily changes to lose weight and get fitter and healthier. Yvonne’s course is major reason why I’m still on this path and still feeling positive. I recommend this course to everyone. Yvonne’s support and enthusiasm kept me going, especially on the days when I was struggling. She is a very caring person and is full of fun and positivity. I give this Tapping into Weight Loss with EFT program a 5 STAR RATING! Thanks Yvonne


Tapping into Weight Loss with EFT – Before starting the Tapping into Weigh loss group with Yvonne I struggled with committing to any “diet” plan. They all seemed great and initially I was full of enthusiasm. However, I would inevitably return to my previous behavior because the plan was too boring, too difficult or just too much. This group, spearheaded by the wonderful Yvonne, took me on a journey that I didn’t expect. I’ve learned what foods are triggers for me (it really might surprise you). I’ve learned what situations, memories, events were triggers for me. I’ve learned to acknowledge these triggers and move on, I’m now stronger and more determined that ever. The changes from this program are incredible. I no longer associate foods with guilt. I can walk down that previously dreaded aisle in the supermarket and not buy chocolate or crisps and feel wonderful about it. No-one was more surprised than me to learn that my body craves carrot sticks and that they bring me joy! For me this program is not a diet, it is not a short term fix. This is is a lifestyle change. This is a permanent change in mindset with a goal to a healthier body and mind. I can honestly say that I didn’t know what to expect before starting this program but I had, and still have faith in Yvonne, I’ve learned so much thanks to this program. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, wholeheartedly and I’m so grateful for it.