Daily morning practice of EFT, Meditation & Journaling Practice to build resilience and connection.
Consistent Morning Practice builds Resilience, Connection & Emotional Wellbeing. By using Personal Development Tools such as EFT, Meditation & Journaling it helps to calm your negative self talk.
You will gain benefits such as:
Reduce Negative Thoughts ✔️
Release Brain Fog ✔️
Calm your busy Mind ✔️
Gain Clarity ✔️
Tune into your Intuition ✔️
Regulate Emotions ✔️
Better Sleep Patterns ✔️
Reduce Stress & Anxiety ✔️
Improve your Mood ✔️
Feel better Naturally ✔️
Emotional Well-being ✔️
Membership Consists of: 
Live Meditations Mon – Thurs.
Live evening Zoom Calls 2nd & 4th Week of every Month.
Daily Mindset Nugget in our Magical Mindset Group
The 12 Pillars of Emotional Freedom.
A Powerful Library of Personal Development Content & Masterclasses
A community of like minded people who are all on a similar journey.
Replays will be available in the membership area directly after each session so you can catch up on any days you miss. I’m looking forward to walking beside you on this journey each morning. See you in there.

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My god the resilience and connection course I started with Yvonne in the month of April has completely changed my life. It makes me get up extra early in the morning so I firstly can have some me-time before I even start with the 3 part program with Yvonne and all the lovely ladies. Firstly the meditation leaves me feeling extremely calm for the day ahead, then the journaling brings me back into myself so I get to know what’s really going inside of my head and finally tapping positive emotions into myself really boosts my confidence. I would highly recommend Yvonne’s resilience and connection course 💓

Michelle Raleigh

I started the 30 days April Meditation, EFT and Journaling with Yvonne. I had done some tapping with her before and found great benefits from it in my life, so said I would try this 30 day . Wow I cannot believe how much this is helping me go deeper into my heart . I’ve never journaled before and found this so powerful . The amount of wisdom hidden within me just flowed and helped me understand myself and feelings so much more. I’ve learnt to show more compassion and understanding to myself and listen to myself because I hold all the answers . I cannot wait till May’s session as I’m only starting on this amazing deep inner healing of myself. Thank you so much Yvonne and to every lovely person in the group holding space for me .

Natasha Walsh

I love being part of Yvonne’s Resilience and Connection group. I am thoroughly enjoying every minute. I look forward to getting up early in the morning, knowing that it’s going to set me up for the day. The breathing techniques are great for clearing your mind and helping you stay relaxed and focused. I have learned so much about myself through journaling, something i never could see myself doing, but is now part of my daily routine. Even the morning affirmation’s give you incentive to believe that anything is possible. It’s thought me that i deserve to give myself some self care too. Yvonne’s kind nature and gentle voice makes you feel so welcome, its great fun, and especially when you finish with her song of the day!! It just lifts you up. It’s an amazing group of wonderful people..and I’m blessed to be part of it. 💜💜💜

Sharron Dempsey

I have been taking part in Yvonne Seymour’s Resilience and Connection group for April 2021. It is amazing. I have changed my usual morning routine to be logged into the zoom group and ready to go at 8am. Yvonne is always so upbeat, welcoming and caring. There is a warm and supportive dynamic within the group. I find it a fantastic way to start my day. Doing breathing techniques is very calming and relaxing for me, doing journaling is insightful and eye-opening and using EFT to tap in positive affirmations is very powerful. And the song for the day stays in my head all day (I can’t say my family love this!!!). By the time we finish up I am buzzing and ready for whatever the day brings. I highly recommend this group and I love being part of it. Thanks Yvonne.

Marina Lynch

Looking for a change or feeling like you need a kick- start? Then I would recommend joining Resilience and Connection group run by Yvonne Seymour. I have been doing this for the month of April and have enjoyed the 3 gentle techniques that Yvonne has shared with us – Breathing techniques, Journaling and Tapping/ Affirmations. Each technique challenges and heals and created a RESET that I was looking for. I have enjoyed taking part and would highly recommend it to everyone.

Bernie Conmy


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