I have finally released my brand spanking new confidence toolkit the “Female Warrior Starter Kit”!!! This is the Toolkit of all Toolkits!!!

I have been working on this for months so I can fully support you on your journey to having more “Confidence & Belief in Yourself” and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Grab it right now here 👉 Female Warrior Starter Kit





The Female Warrior Starter Kit:


Part 1 – Inhale Confidence Masterclass 

  • Boost My Self Esteem *
  • Release My Fear of Failure
  • Free Me From Frustration


Part 2 – 7 Days of Stress Relief

  • Release Overwhelm
  • Release the Past
  • Love & Accept Myself
  • Help Me to Get Organised
  • Stop Self-sabotage *
  • Release Negative Thoughts
  • Stop Worrying about the Unknown

Part 3 – Self-Care Booster 

  • PDF Guide to show you how to craft your own routine
  • Recommended Reading List that will Inspire & help change your life

Part 4 – Meditation Bundle

  • Exclusive access to Guided Meditations from The Confidence Academy
  • Inhale Confidence Guided Meditation
  • Clear My Brain Fog Guided Meditation

Part 5 – Resilience & Connection Program

  • 30 Day Resilience & Connection Transformation Program.

Part 6 – Empowering Journal Prompts

  • Exclusive Access to my 12 Pillar of Emotional Freedom Journal from The Confidence Academy

Special Bonus for first 5 Sign Up’s

  • Bonus 1:1 Coaching Session with me if you are 1 of the first 5 to sign up


I am extremely passionate about helping women finally step into their power so they can live the life of their dreams! The Female Warrior Starter Kit will take you on that journey of self discovery where you will find bucket loads of self belief. 


The Next Chapter of Your Story Begins Here! 


Yvonne is an amazing woman, very inspiring and passionate about EFT
She is a fountain of knowledge
I am really enjoying being part of this beautiful group and has seen first hand progress in my life.
EFT is powerful, very positive experience in a non judge mental safe fun environment
Thanks Yvonne for all your kindness, caring , honest and sincere approach
Up and onwards on this beautiful journey together xxx


I absolutely love this group. It has opened my mind and for once in my life I’m actually thinking of me for once and not what others think of me.
Yvonne has such talent that works within in our minds and it is totally mind blowing.
Amazing group.