Anyone who’s been in business for a while knows that tweaking your business is an ongoing process.  You may have a map or business plan that you created at the start but now it looks out of date and old and you no longer connect with that plan.  Sometimes we resist acknowledging this because we’re afraid that this might change the look and feel of our business. Well I tend to look at this as a positive. Change can mean progression and if you want your business to mature and grow then progression is important.

Sometimes progression can take you down a direction you hadn’t intended to go down or was afraid to go down because you doubted your own ability, but an opportunity has now presented itself and you can’t say no! This happened to me in the early stages of my business as a result of an inquiry I made about getting support for my own business.  After a long dialogue over the phone I was asked if I provided courses in a similar area? Before I realised it I had said yes, I am a strong advocate of “If you belive it, you can achieve it“, now all I had to do was come up with the content.  Obviously I had the skillset and the experience to create the content, I’m not an advocate of trying to offer something completely outside of your expertise, but I hadn’t considered writing a course of this content yet and maybe I never would have if I wasn’t asked the question.

As I sat down with my journal to write down some ideas I remember thinking I was mad because there was no way I would have enough content for a full course.  I was resisting! I always resist when I take a breath and sit down to think about something but I am very aware of this and that is why my journal is always near by.  Once I realise I’m resisting a new opportunity or a change I put pen to paper and start to write about it.  I ask myself what am I resisting and why? Are the reasons justified or realistic? What do I need to do to shift my resistence? More often than not my resistence is based on fear. What am I afraid of? Failing, Letting people down, Letting myself down! Really, what is there to be afraid of?  When I sat down and looked at this through journaling my thoughts I realised that I was putting too much presure on myself to be perfect. I realised that I am only an expert of my own experience, the very thing that came across on the phone that day, which was the very reason I was asked to deliver the course that was requested. I don’t need to be an expert on anything else.  I am good at coaching people because I can see what they can’t see themselves and that is why this opportunity was presented to me.   When I eventually sat down to write the content for the course I had loads of it and it went down a storm. Phew!!

So the next time you are presented with a new opportunity monitor how you respond. Is it a negative response of a positive response? Can you see the benefits of how this could progress your business or are you stuck in the negatives that it will change how your business looks. Will it mirror any of the things I experienced? If I hadn’t said yes then I would have missed out in a massive opportunity that put my business on a local map in it’s very early stages. It also created great affirmation that this was the right direction for me to take and progression was part of the parcel.  My fear had now been quietened and my own self belief started to grow.

This can be the same for you.

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Yvonne xx