Confidence In Tech – The Holistic Hub is a membership to support Holistic Therapists.

Maybe you have an idea that you want to develop but you’re not entirely sure how to explore it? Maybe you feel like your working all hours on your business and it’s just not paying off and you’re completely frustrated? I hear you and I’ve been that Soldier too! These things can keep you stuck for months leaving you totally frustrated and fed up.
We all get stuck from time to time, it’s part of the territory of having a business. The great news is……I am here to help you every step of the way!

This monthly membership will enable you to put your best foot forward by focusing on three main areas:


1. Visibility

2. Mindset

3. Growth


What does this membership include:

  • Weekly Live session to identify the things you want help with to drive your business forward.
  • Simple Stress Free Action Steps that will help you take positive action to organically grow your business.
  • Daily Support in this Group to ensure you are fully supported while implementing these steps.
  • Check-in Accountability Thread each week to see how you are getting on and to ensure you are making the positive progress instead of feeling stuck & overwhelmed.
My aim is to Inspire You, Empower You and Support You as you write the Next Chapter in your Story as a successful Holistic Therapist.

My Story

My name is Yvonne Seymour. I am a very proud Business Owner, EFT Practitioner & Personal Development Coach. I have had a really fruitful career with lots of amazing experiences as well as not so amazing. This is one of the reasons I decided to become a Coach. Business development and resilience played a huge part in my career and now I use the things I discovered to help people like you. I’ve had wins and losses. I have cried tears of excitement and tears of disappointment. Every tear was absolutely worth it!
I’m known for my fun loving, non-judgmental approach and have spent much of my life studying confidence and therapeutic techniques that lead to buckets loads of confidence & self belief.
So come on in and let’s build your Business with the Confidence it deserves.
Let’s see that Confidence Soar!!!!
Yvonne xx

If you don’t know anything about Tech I’d recommend Yvonne highly. However Tech turned out to be a symptom of why I didn’t want to consider online business. It is here that Yvonne excels- not only will she kindly bring to your attention your fears or worries about showing up on the World Wide Web she will also point out your strengths. You will discover something new about yourself and why you started your business through her encouraging approach with attention to you and your passion. You’ll be only too happy to get yourself out there. I wish Yvonne every success and recommend you open up your world to Yvonne’s approach to expansion and growth for your Business.

Eva - Holistic Therapist

Big shoutout to Yvonne for helping me move my classes online in the middle of our 8 week Fitness Transformation Program when Level 5 lockdown was announced. Very easy to work with, she had me set up and ready to go in less than 24 hours. Thanks Yvonne

Owen - Personal Trainer

Yvonne is such a fantastic mentor!! So kind, caring, the most down to earth, funny, trustworthy person I have met, who only wants the very best for you!! She see’s the potential in everyone that’s in the group and strives to push them forward to reach their goals and believe in themselves. The personal development that you go through is second to none!!

Sharron - Holistic Therapist